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Busy, Busy, Busy

Here's to another busy week.

1. Coil of Worlds (Book 1, 2nd ed) is now in print on Amazon.

2. The blurb for Coil of War (Book 3) is up on the Coil of War webpage.

3. I had a wonderful and enlightening conversation about battle strategy with an expert on the topic (I forgot to ask whether I could share his name, hence all the secrecy). Writing large-scale and small-scale battles is one area that I've had to research as I know very little and have NO experience. It is my hope that the information he provided will help make my books more realistic. Any mistakes I write only reflect my own lack of knowledge, not his.

Have a wondeful rest of the week!

(Updated: 1/18/17)

No Internet and Other News

It's been a crazy week for me! The internet in my community has been out for the past four days, which makes it impossible to provide updates! Whoo!

I've approved the print-on-demand book for Coil of Worlds (Book 1, 2nd edition), but I'm now waiting for it to show on Amazon. As I've posted previously, the kindle edition is already up and running. Because of the lack of connection, I've been revising the first half of Coil of War (Book 3). I'll start madly writing tomorrow again (so excited!).

I've joined a critique group that begins meeting next week. I'm also looking forward to completing some interviews for research purposes for my books. I realized that I'm rather vague on large-scale battle scenes. Here's hoping it doesn't lead me down the rabbit hole!

(Updated: 1/12/17)
2017 Has Good News Already!

As promised, I’ve finalized the mobile side of my website. Thanks for your patience. Hooray for no more ballerina slippers!

I’m also currently rereading what I wrote on Coil of War. I’ve realized that this book has some crazy surprises. For one, my characters have a definite mind of their own. What should have happened early in the book now takes place in the middle of the book. Second? Well, I had four possible endings for the book. Lo and behold, all four have been tossed aside. I think I got an offended sniff from Chion and a scowl from Skye with the first set of possible endings. So, if I am surprised (and I’m the author), then my hope is that my readers will be as well!

Don't forget, a revised edition of Coil of Worlds is now available on Kindle. The print-on-demand will be available shortly. If you already bought the book, no worries, the story didn't change. I merely fixed a few spots (grammar errors on my part).

(Updated: 1/3/17)