Previous Posts (2018)

Writing, Editing, and the Olympics

Watching the Olympics while trying to write is...interesting. I madly work during the commercials and then the editing/writing trails off until the next commercial hits. The good news is that I've developed another story line that I'm excited to explore (all while working on the Coil and Malirran Trilogies!).

I don't know about you, but the athletes make me feel as if I should accomplish something great, even if it is to finish the third book of the Coil series. [This girl is NOT an athlete.] So, to prove I'm working, I've posted an excerpt for Coil of War (Book 3). Cheers!

Oh, and if you haven't watched any of the sport events, take the time to watch at least one.

(Updated: 2/16/18)

Another Year, Another Month ​​

If you've checked the website, you'll have picked up on my noticeable absence.
To say the least, last year was rough. I am now recovering from a long-term illness, but it is slow going. I do, however, apologize for not publishing the third book of the Coil Trilogy as promised.

I am again diligently working on the book and am excited to share Lara and Skye's journey. I do not have an actual date yet for the Coil of War, but as soon as I do, I will post here on my website (and facebook)!

I hope your New Year started off with a bang! 

(Updated: 1/31/18)