About Cynna
Raised in the South, Cynna McLaughlin works to tame her accent while simultaneously craving Tex-Mex cuisine. Like many authors, she always had her nose buried in an enthralling story as a child. Cynna adores everything books and can now be found dreaming up new characters and worlds for her own stories. Cynna shares a house with a cat who thinks she’s a dog. After spending a number of years in Michigan where the winters actually included snow and ice, she returned to her roots and now writes in Texas.
What's Happening
I am currently writing Coil of War, the third book of the Coil Trilogy. I hope to have it ready for publication early this next year (2018). When I have a definite date, I will update here and on the Upcoming page. After I finish this trilogy, I will move on to another trilogy that focuses on the Malirrans.

Yes, you read that right!

The Malirrans will have their own story. Although the new trilogy stands on its own, it will take up where Coil of War ends. While writing the Coil trilogy, I realized the Malirrans’ tale wasn’t quite finished, and they were shouting to have their story told. After all, Semnac’s evil has pervaded a once strong and noble kingdom for far too long. Perhaps there is hope for them yet, and I am excited to explore how the Malirran people fight back against a Goddess.
Hot Topics
I first began plotting a storyline that included individuals with disabilities rising above their circumstances. Because my favorite books have always been in the fantasy fiction genre, of course my brain created an entire fantasy realm where the characters must fight to not only overcome their perceived failings but to save their world from an invading force.

And thus, the Coil Trilogy was begun!

I hope my story about Lara, Chion, Skye, and Eiren provides you with the incentive to take the first steps in supporting and advocating for those with disabilities. We are all people, and we each have something to offer.

For those of you who have recently learned you, a family member, or a close friend have a disability (of any kind), don’t despair. The advent of new technology, medicine, and laws have made it possible for individuals with disabilities to succeed in whatever field they choose. Because myths and misperceptions of certain disabilities abound, please take the time to educate yourself, your family, and friends.

Below, I’ve listed just a few organizations/government agencies that you might find helpful regarding disabilities. Granted, as I live in the United States, these sources are for Americans. If you live in another country, do not hesitate to contact the government or organizations that directly deal with the disability in question!