Coil of War
Book 3 of Coil Trilogy

The fourth Four's time has come...

With Pyran’s king dead and Gharra in ruin, Lukar the Bloody turns his gaze toward Kureto.

During Solara’s rescue from the Malirrans, Skye and the two pakas strike an uneasy alliance with Pyranni resistance. Then the Lan’Ai bond forms at the worst time, leaving Skye and Lara to contend with their augmented power.

To emerge victorious, Kurites and Pyrannis alike realize the war must be fought on two fronts—on the Kurite battlefield and within Gharra’s city walls. But perhaps even a greater obstacle is rallying the tattered remains of Pyran’s warriors to halt Semnac’s influence from sweeping across the land.

As prophesied so long ago, the outcome hinges on whether the Lan’Ai bond will save both kingdoms or aid in the Four’s destruction.

Release Date: 2017
Number of Pages:
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