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  Short Musings on Good vs Bad (Evil)
In many fiction genres, authors portray the battle between good and evil. In fact, philosophical and religious debates about what constitutes good and evil have been expounded upon for centuries. My own writing is no exception to the good vs evil theme.

But let’s take a step back and pause for a minute. Let’s look at the word “good.” It is a simple word, right? With only four letters, it is easy to pronounce and spell. It is probably one of the first words a child learns to say and spell.

Good. A rather simple word for a construct that is not so easy to describe (don’t cheat and look it up in the dictionary!). For example, parents say, “Be a good boy.” We take that to mean the child should remember to behave. Now, let’s have a peer say, “You did a good job at the game tonight!” Here, we see the word “good” meaning the girl put in effort in her performance at the game. Or how about this next one? An individual says, “He is such a good man.”

It is an expression we hear often, or at least I do. But what that means to you might not translate to the same for me. One person might see a “good” man as someone who provides for his family. Another might believe this is someone involved in philanthropy. For another, it could be a man who has fought in a long war. So, think about what you think a good man (or woman) means to you. Next week, I will provide you with more musings on the good vs bad (evil) discussion.

(Updated: 4/21/18)
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  Part II: Short Musings on Good vs Bad (Evil)
I talked briefly about what the word “good” means last week. Now, let’s take the man who is described as a good man. He provides for his family; hence, he must be a good man. But there’s a catch! He steals from his place of employment (just the odd item here and there). Is he still a good man? Maybe. Maybe not. What are the circumstances surrounding his theft? The philanthropy guy was arrested for assault five years ago…assaulted a woman, that is. He still gives donations to organizations, but does he slide closer to the “bad” or “evil” side?

Oh, how times have changed. It wasn’t so long ago when a husband could hit his spouse without fearing consequences. As a society, we are now aware of and no longer condone such behavior, but it still happens. Okay, I ran off on a tangent. What I’m trying to say, and doing poorly, is that no one person is a perfect example of what “good” means. We are human, after all. Life is messy. The good woman might have a terrible temper. The good boy might take the legs off a grasshopper.

We are all layers wrapped in circumstances living in a society that defines this word for us. It is an author’s responsibility to present their characters in the same way, as multi-faceted decision makers trying, ultimately, to save the person, place, or time from evil. Next week, I plan to tackle the word “bad” or “evil.” Adieu for now!

(Updated: 5/3/18)