Coil Trilogy

With any fantasy novel, there are often names, places, and other words the author creates. In the Coil Trilogy, I have a number of words that you might think have more than one possible pronunciation. For this reason, I've included a list of words with hints on how I personally pronounce them. Even my beta readers pronounce them differently!

By the way, if I did not include word that you do not know how to pronounce, either send me a message on my contact page or send me an email. I will update this list as requests come in. 
Alanri:  AH LAWN ree
Aradun:  ARE UH dune
Areth:  AH reth
Audren:  AWE dren
Chion:  chee OWN
Eiren:  EYE wren
Etheme:  EE tham (think Ethan)
Gerant:  guh R AWNT
Gharra:  GAR uh
Jahni:  JOHN ee
Koti:  COAT ee (looks like an okapi)
Kureto:  curr ET oh
Painu:  pay new
Paka: PAH kuh
Pyran:  purr AWN or purr ON
Rakir:  RAH keer
Rok:  Rock (looks like a wild pig)
Silult:  sill ULT
Tryvor:  Triv OR
Valorri:  val OR ee
Yarroh:  YAR oh