Research Citations

I often read a book and go 'where in the world did they get their information from?' Knowing full well the plot of the story is fiction, there are always aspects that are based on historical facts, religion, and geographic significance. Because I have an insatiable amount of curiosity and a background in academic research, I decided to help out others like me!

Here is a starting list of books that I've read for my current and future book projects. Unfortunately, the list does not include all the sources I used to help form my vision of my plots and characters, but it's a decent start!

If any catch your eye, you can probably find them via your local public library. In addition, as I find and read more sources, I will add them to this list.
Research Sources for Story Content

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Bennett, M. (2009). The medieval world at war. New York, NY: Thames & Hudson.

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Chartrand, R., Durham, K., Harrison, M., & Heath, I. (2006). The Vikings: Voyagers of discovery and plunder. Westminster, MD: Osprey Publishing.

De la Bédoyère, G. (2006). Roman Britain: A new history. New York, NY: Thames & Hudson.

Gravett, C. (2001). The history of castles: Fortifications around the world. Guilford, CT: Lyons Press.

Macinnis, P. (2004). Poisons: From hemlock to botox and the killer bean of Calabar. New York: Arcade Publishing.

Newark, T. (1985). The barbarians: Warriors & war of the dark ages. New York, NY: Sterling Publishing.

Robards, B. (1997). The medieval knight at war. Greenwich, CT: Barnes & Noble.

Santosuosso, A. (2004). Barbarians, marauders, and infidels: The ways of medieval warfare. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.

Writing Sources

Hodges, J.C., Whitten, M.E., Horner, W.B., Webb, S.S., & Miller, R.K. (1990). Harbrace college handbook (11th Ed.). San Diego, CA: Harcourt Brace Publishers.

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